An investor’s guide to starting a laundromat

Everything you need to know about establishing a laundromat business

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    Build your business in 4 key stages

    Setting up a successful laundromat involves a series of
    critical commercial decisions and processes

    Selecting the ideal location, securing appropriate finance, designing &
    constructing your premises, and deciding how you want to manage your
    business are essential steps to building a profitable laundromat.

    Find out how each phase works

    Choosing your laundromat equipment & payment methods

    Keep utility bills low and your customers coming back with high-performance
    equipment and easy payment methods

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    Essential laundromat equipment includes durable, energy efficient models your customers can rely on.

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    Payment technology

    Cutting-edge cashless and traditional cash-based options give your customers the flexibility they need.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Is a laundromat a good business? or are laundromats profitable? Starting a commercial laundromat is a big decision, and there’s a lot to take on board if you’re new to the industry. All the answers to your questions can be found in our FAQs.

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    “I am some times pretty creative with finding solutions for my customers, but you can’t do that without a good partner”

    Adelaide Laundromats

    Cosimo Coscia, Owner

    “We’ve upgraded to the front loaders, they’re nine kilos, and had great replies from our customers and great response in the community”

    Ocean Beach Dry Cleaners and Coin Op Laundrette Sydney

    Kay, Owner

    “Maintenance and support behind these machines is quite significant, which is what we need in remote communities”

    Aboriginal Investment Group

    Steve Smith, CEO

    “I highly recommend this product to anybody that uses a roller”

    St Kilda Victoria

    Carolyn, Laundry Manager

    “Customers tell me we have the best washing machines they have ever seen.”

    24-7 Laundromat

    Dev Singh, Owner

    “We love this new laundromat, and so do our customers. The layout and the new machines as well as the payment system have played an integral part in making the laundromat the success it is becoming.”

    Goolwa Laundromat, SA

    Ian, Owner

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