Laundromat start-up cost & projected revenue

What laundromat owners need to know about costs and income

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As with any business, there are set-up costs to factor in when organising finance for your new laundromat

How much does it cost to start a laundromat business? These amounts will vary depending on whether you choose to run a self-service, coin laundry business or fully serviced facility. Negotiating a shop lease (typically 8-15 years) with favourable terms is crucially important because of the high costs associated with connecting utility infrastructure, equipment required, which includes electricity, gas, plumbing, dryer flues and a cooling pit. Many entrepreneurs, starting a laundry businesses is an attractive idea start your laundry business now!

How much start-up capital do I need and what are my financing options?

Are you looking to open a Laundromat Industry? Expect to invest between $90,000 and $400,000 in setting up a laundromat from scratch, while the initial investment is high, once you’re up. Laundromat Startup Cost will vary depending on average size laundromat, rent, equipment capacity, number of laundry machines, laundry carts, services offered, fit-out and other expenses (considerable expenses).

Subject to approvals, we are able to connect you with suppliers to assist with equipment financing options, if you have a good credit rating & enough capital to fund shop fittings / able to service the shop lease / advertising / etc. This includes equipment, installation and accessories – everything you need to establish your laundromat.

Set up your business structure your marketing strategy, and, of course, your budget. Knowing what to expect can help you create the strongest business plan possible to give your new business the best chance of success.

Fit-out & utilities

Before you sign your lease, you’ll need to understand the design and layout that’s achievable in that space. This is your opportunity to get creative and work with experts as you think about aesthetics, theming and what interesting things you might like to do with the commercial space.

Your laundromat’s internal fit-out will require design assistance from a laundry professional to ensure correct workflow and space for utilities. If you’re establishing a fully serviced laundromat, you’ll need to factor in a lockable space where staff will serve customers, and provide folding and ironing services.

The next step is organising business insurance for your existing laundromat and applying for relevant council approvals.

Furniture and lighting will need to be considered in the design phase before moving on to carpentry, floor coverings and other fixtures and finishes. Once your fit-out is complete, signage and furniture will also need to be commissioned.

Then of course there are machinery purchase or leasing decisions to make. You’ll need to hire qualified tradespeople to help establish your laundromat infrastructure, including its gas supply, cooling pit, lint trip, dryer ducting and make-up air.

Checklist: laundromat start-up costs

  • Council applications
  • Carpentry
  • Floor coverings
  • Electrical requirements
  • Furnishings
  • Signage and advertising
  • Security and insurance
  • Trade waste application
  • Utility charges
  • Machinery purchase and finance options
  • Plumbing and gas supply (including cooling pit, lint trap, dryer ducting and make-up air)

What you can expect to earn

If your laundromat is well-established from the outset in terms of your store location, fit-out and services, you can look forward to an ROI of approximately 20-35%.

What you get back from your laundromat investment depends on what you put in in terms of innovative thinking, customer service, capitalising on opportunities, creativity and quality.