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Keep your laundromat running smoothly with expert machinery maintenance and ready access to spare parts

To perform effectively, commercial washing machines and dryers require regular preventative maintenance. Make sure you check your equipment manual for maintenance requirements as determined by the manufacturer. Your warranty may be void if you fail to maintain your machine correctly.

In case of a breakdown

Even with the most reliable machinery, breakdowns happen. We recommend you contact a qualified tradesperson immediately if your equipment stops working or shows a fault. Do not attempt to repair the issue yourself. This is because commercial laundromat equipment is much more advanced than domestic washers and dryers.

Australia’s trusted name in commercial laundry, Richard Jay, has access to experienced service technicians operating around the country. Contact the team and a technician will visit your premises ASAP.

Where to source spare parts

We recommend you only use manufacturer spare parts purchased from a reputable distributor. Check your warranty terms and conditions for advice relating to spare parts. Replacement of parts under warranty varies from brand to brand.

Richard Jay is home to Australia’s largest inventory of spare parts for commercial laundry equipment. The company carries spare parts for most major and boutique brands, including Electrolux Professional, LG Commercial, Primus, Huebsch, ADC, SpeedQueen, Kleenmaid, Unimac, Dexter, IPSO and many more manufacturers. Anything not currently in stock at Richard Jay can be ordered in ASAP.