Self-service laundromats

The set and forget style of laundromat

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Otherwise known as ‘coin-op’ laundries, self-service laundromats are typically unmanned spaces with commercial laundry equipment for public use

Modern self serve laundromat usually offer cashless payment options in addition to accepting notes and coins. Opening hours, our opening hours are typically 6am-11pm with the exception of 24 hour laundrette businesses in high-demand areas. Self-service laundromats generally operate on long-term commercial leases of 8-15 years and generate steady cash flow over the life of the lease.

Compared with other small businesses, laundromats are unique in that they have no inventory or receivables. New self-service laundries are valued based on actual construction and equipment costs while existing businesses are valued based primarily on net revenue. Set up your coin laundry pay machine and cashless laundromat with our equipments. Enquire today!

Essential laundromat equipment

Machinery selection will depend on local area demographics. Families generally require large equipment (solution example 2 below) whereas single patrons or couples often use smaller equipment (solution example 1 below):

Solution example 1
12 x Electrolux Industrial Washers, 11KG
04 x Electrolux Industrial Washers, 20KG
06 x Electrolux Industrial Dryers, 16KG, Stacks
02 x Electrolux Industrial Dryers, 24KG, Stacks

Solution example 2
04 x Electrolux Industrial Washers, 11KG
12 x Electrolux Industrial Washers, 20KG
02 x Electrolux Industrial Dryers, 17KG, Stacks
06 x Electrolux Industrial Dryers, 24KG, Stacks

Many laundromat owners choose to equip their machines with detergent dispensers that automatically inject the correct amount for each wash cycle. The benefit of automatic dispensing is no waste, no mess and optimised wash performance. Alternatively, some laundromats are equipped with a wall-mounted detergent vending machine.

Safety & security

Given that unmanned, cash-based businesses are potentially a target for thieves, you may wish to consider fitting your laundromat with an alarm system and CCTV cameras.

Removing the cash factor is another reason to choose convenient cashless payment systems for your laundromat.

As Australia’s trusted name in commercial laundry services, Richard Jay can equip your store with Tangerpay’s Mobile Pay or Kiosk payment solutions. Kiosk solutions cater to customers who prefer a simple tap payment method,  common at retail checkouts.

Each Nayax payment portal is physically mounted to a machine, offering tap payment at the point of use, a common feature found on vend machines across Australia.

Utilities & infrastructure

  • The appropriate electricals will need to be installed for every machine, as well as gas plumbing for dryers.
  • You’ll need to organise plumbing for all washers, and your laundromat may also require a hot water system.
  • Ventilation (fluing) for dryers will need to be installed and run to the outside of the shop.
  • Installing a cooling pit is recommended to cool all water extracted during the washer spin cycle.

Other requirements

  • Wi-Fi for cashless payment systems and customer use
  • Bright lighting
  • Auto lock for the front door
  • Chairs and folding tables
  • External and internal signage
  • Business website, social media and local promotions
  • Food and beverage vending machines
  • Money change machine
  • Regular coin collection for security purposes (the less cash kept on site, the better)
  • Daily janitorial service to clean the store, maintain the machines and empty bins.