Modernise your laundry

Increase your revenue, reputation and security when you renovate & upgrade

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A laundromat makeover could revitalise your entire business and help you attract new clientele. Here are a few bright ideas for your makeover

Delight customers and decrease utility bills with new machinery

Commercial washers and dryers are advancing all the time, with the latest machines offering best-ever wash performance, super-fast cycle times, proven disinfection and superior energy efficiency outcomes.

Refresh your look and feel with an updated fit-out

Did you know that many large shopping centres do a complete renovation every 10 years? That’s because retail relies on providing a fresh, aspirational customer experience and so should you. Consider repainting and updating your décor, fixtures, furnishings and signage in line with contemporary trends (or your personal sense of style!).

Mix it up with new services and amenities

Successful laundromats are usually those that combine laundry with other services. Today’s laundromats are modern, bright and airy multi-service centres where customers can have a cup of coffee, read the paper and tick other things off their to-do lists.

The traditional coin laundry may have been used primarily for laundering personal items, but today’s laundromats with large commercial machines can handle household bedding, curtains and rugs. This is an added drawcard for customers and creates additional revenue streams for the business.

Remove the cash barrier with new payment options

Your laundromat can be 100% cashless, coin-operated, token-operated or a mix of all three – it’s up to you. Whatever you choose, your payment system can easily be fitted to all commercial machinery brands.

Given that cash is fast disappearing from our society, tap ’n’ go or smartphone payment systems are making life easier for customers who don’t carry coins or notes. Going cash-free is also an effective way to deter thieves who target unmanned, cash-based businesses.

Today’s cashless payment technologies are simple to use, offer a consistent customer experience and don’t require merchants to sign a lock-in contract.