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Fully serviced laundromats encourage local businesses in your area and time-poor private customers to drop off loads of washing, ironing and dry cleaning for delivery or pick-up

This serviced laundry option is usually provided in addition to self-service laundry facilities, and can prove a lucrative revenue stream if there is sufficient demand from local businesses in your area.

Those opting for a fully serviced laundromat model are advised to look at the businesses surrounding your location. Would they potentially require professional laundry services? Hotels, restaurants and holiday accommodation, for example, regularly require laundry services for bedding and table linen.

Configuration considerations

The physical requirements for fully serviced laundromats are generally the same as self-service laundromats, apart from a lockable service area at the rear of the store where staff serve customers. The space will need to have room for folding clean, pressed linen, as well as storing large bags of linen and laundry baskets.

Extra space will need to be allocated for a professional ironing station with room for a small commercial roller ironer for bedding and table linen. If your laundromat will double as a dry-cleaning agent, you’ll also need to have somewhere to store clothes racks.

Staffing requirements

Fully serviced laundromat models need customer service staff to work during business hours (extending to early mornings and evenings if possible to capture customers before and after work). You may need to recruit capable staff to take care of outsourced washing and ironing, as well as delivery staff to drop off fresh loads of washing at businesses and customers’ houses.

Promoting your full-service laundromat

Spreading the word that you provide laundry services as well as self-serve machines will be important via clear signage and local advertising. Targeted social media advertising, letterbox drops (perhaps with introductory deals) and creating a clear Google My Business listing can help you establish a customer base.

Other requirements

While not as low-maintenance as self-service options, the fully serviced laundromat creates additional laundromat revenue streams and employment opportunities for family members, friends or the local community.

Providing an efficient, friendly laundry service that people in the area come to depend on will help to cement your reputation in the area. Plus, there’s always someone on site to assist with using self-service laundry equipment and monitor your premises.

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