Your laundromat in stages

Setting up a successful laundromat can be broken into 4 key stages

Select your ideal location

Where you choose to open your laundromat is all-important

Have a site in mind? Do your research and learn as much as you can about local demographics and surrounding businesses. Aim for densely populated areas with a high proportion of rental properties or holiday accommodation options. Avoid areas already serviced by thriving laundromats.

Self-service laundromat models suit low-income areas with lots of apartments and large families. Fully serviced laundromats that offer washing and ironing services are more successful in areas where there is demand from local businesses and higher-income local residents.

Make sure your location is highly visible to passing road and foot traffic, and ensure there is plenty of free parking or very close public transport links (laundry baskets are heavy).

Weigh up your financing options

How will you pay for start-up and operational costs?

With a range of costs to factor in, financing your laundromat can be an expensive outlay in the beginning. Consider whether you want to self-fund or organise third-party financing to pay for your laundry equipment, fit-out, furniture and associated utilities costs.

Subject to approvals, Richard Jay can finance your entire equipment set-up through Capital Plus if you have a good credit rating, capital to service the shop lease and access to funds for store furnishings and advertising. Your Capital Plus plan can include equipment, installation and accessories – everything you need to establish your laundromat.

Design & construct your ideal space

Consult experts to create a fit-out you’re proud of

Seek design assistance from a laundry professional to ensure correct workflow and sufficient space for equipment, utilities and amenities. Fully serviced laundromats require an additional lockable space where staff can serve customers, store large bags of linen, and provide folding and ironing services.

Then it’s time to think about furniture, lighting, carpentry, floor coverings and other fixtures and finishes. Get creative with colour, décor and furniture selection to make your laundromat stand out. You’ll need to hire qualified tradespeople to help establish your laundromat infrastructure, including a gas supply, plumbing, cooling pit, ventilation, lint trip, dryer ducting and make-up air.

Consider your management style

Well-run laundromats are an asset to the community & generate a faster ROI

Think about what type of atmosphere you want to create in your laundromat and how you will manage aspects such as bookkeeping, staff, security and maintenance.

Offering a positive customer experience will be crucial to the overall success of your business. Laundromat customers say they value clean and hygienic premises, friendly attendants, cashless payment systems and easy-to-follow instructions as much as quality machinery and a bright, light-filled store.

Many successful laundromats combine laundry with added extras and other services such as a kids’ play area, TV and video games, free Wi-Fi, pet-only machines, garment repairs & alterations, a wash ’n’ fold service and pick-up & delivery.