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Choose wisely in the beginning and your commercial washers and dryers will serve you well for years to come. Here, we look at 2 of the world’s leading laundromat equipment brands and what they can offer your business

Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional laundry equipment is engineered to save laundromat owners money and deliver great results through innovation and clever Swedish design. The company mission is to make life easier and more profitable for commercial laundry providers worldwide.

As a proud global partner of Electrolux Professional, Richard Jay is pleased to offer the entire range to laundromats across Australia.

The Electrolux Professional range at Richard Jay laundry includes industrial barrier washers for superior disinfection outcomes, front-load washers, electric and gas tumble dryers, roller ironers and wet cleaning solutions (like our WH6-27 washer / TD6-30 Dryer and WH6-33 washer / TD6-37 Dryer Lagoon Advanced Care models from Electrolux Professional.).

Richard Jay also supplies Electrolux Professional’s ED efficiency-boosting systems. Adding this ingenious feature to your laundromat is an effective way to maximise savings and optimise performance.

LG Commercial

For laundromats seeking front load commercial washing machines and dryers, LG Commercial manufactures some of the most intelligent models – machines that are both low maintenance and space saving.

LG Commercial offers a washer + dryer stacked unit, which is very popular for laundromats as it provides customers with an experience very similar to what they would experience in their own home. The stacked unit eliminates the need for customers to move their laundry from a washer, across a laundromat, to a dryer.

LG Commercial machines are steadily gaining a reputation among Australian laundromat owners for superior durability, energy efficiency and convenience. Faster cycle options and larger-capacity washers are leading to increasing popularity for the brand’s newer models.

As the exclusive distributor of LG Commercial in Australia, Richard Jay proudly distributes outstanding products from the LG Commercial range to laundromats nationwide.

Richard Jay regularly has LG Commercial Giant C, Giant C+ Pro, Giant C+ Platinum and Titan-C washers and dryers in stock, ready for delivery Australia-wide.

Auto detergent feed

For optimum wash results every time, LG Commercial and Electrolux Professional washing machines can be fitted with automatic detergent dispensers.

Detergent dispensed directly into the wash cycle means a lot less mess and waste in your laundromat.

Another advantage of auto detergent feed is that it prevents customers from accidentally using too much detergent, which is not good for garments or your machinery. Over-sudsing can lead to machinery breakdowns.

An added bonus is that offering detergent as part of the wash package can increase the price per load and enhance profit margins.

A smart PayWave reader for the laundry industry

Also available from Richard Jay, KIOSK is a simple, elegant PayWave reader that seamlessly guides your customer through the payment flow to credit any machine in store.

With KIOSK, you can drive down costs of installing multiple expensive PayWave readers. It’s a PCI DSS compliant storewide solution that’s seamless and easy to use for everyone involved. Funds are settled directly to your bank account, with no need to set up a merchant account.
The secure KIOSK hardware and software package includes hardened moulding, a commercial-grade screen protector and is wall mountable.

Over-the-air software updates via a cloud-hosted solution means you can relax knowing your software will always be up to date. KIOSK includes daily/weekly/monthly activity reporting with a full audit trail of customer activity so you can keep your eye on everything.

Quick, cashless payments for your laundromat

Make life easier for your customers by fitting your machinery with e-CleanPay cashless technology from Richard Jay.

Powered by PayPont Australia, e-CleanPay has a super-fast transaction processing time via smartphone using Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. There are no lock-in contracts, no account set-up and no need to register.

Richard Jay’s super-simple e-CleanPay plan includes a range of business benefits such as customer insights, real-time alerts, cash tracking, remote-start functionality, transparent transaction fees and no hidden charges.