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    As our society moves further and further away
    from cash, it’s important that your laundromat
    follows suit and accommodates your customer
    base by providing cashless or combination
    payment options.

    Fortunately, it’s easy for the modern laundromat owner to make this
    happen because there are a variety of card-based cashless payment
    options available that are simple to set up and manage – even when
    you don’t have in-house IT staff or much technical know-how.

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    Can I use a credit card at the laundromat?

    Absolutely. Most people do! Coin-operated laundromats may have once been the industry standard, but that’s changing rapidly.

    Absolutely. Most people do! Coin-operated laundromats may have once
    been the industry standard, but that’s changing rapidly. Today’s
    laundromats can offer tap ’n’ go payment systems exactly like the ones
    you see in your local café, newsagent or supermarket.

    As for how this affects laundromat owners, your customers can pay for
    their laundry with a physical debt card or their smartphone.

    However your customers prefer to pay, today’s new payment
    technologies are designed to accommodate them. Your laundromat can
    be 100% cashless, coin-operated, token-operated or a mix of all three –
    it’s up to you. Whatever you choose, your laundromat payment systems can easily be
    fitted to all commercial machinery brands.

    Tap ’n’ go or smartphone payment systems make life easier for
    customers who don’t carry cash. Making your laundry business cash-free is also
    an effective way to deter thieves who target unmanned, cash-based

    Not only does removing cash from the equation increase security, it also
    raises revenue for your business and improves the laundry experience
    for your customers.

    Digitising your business and offering quick cashless payments has
    proven to be an effective way to increase revenue in your laundry.

    Do I need cash for the laundromat?

    Not any more – most of the time! Getting cash out can be an
    inconvenience for many customers, which is why it makes sense to
    offer card payment options.

    Commercial laundry and warewashing experts Richard Jay offers
    its e-CleanPay cashless payment system to laundromat customers
    across Australia. The advantages of e-CleanPay are that it has no
    lock-in contracts, no account set-up and there’s no need for
    laundromat owners to go through a registration process. What’s
    more, you are not required to collect confidential data to process
    payments or download an app.

    Powered by Queensland company Tangerpay, e-CleanPay has a
    super-fast transaction processing time via smartphone using Visa,
    MasterCard, Amex, Google, Apple, Samsung and PayPal.

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    How does a laundry card work?

    There’s no need to go to the time and effort of producing
    laundry cards for your laundromat customers. We say why
    bother when they can just use standard debit and credit
    cards with a system like e-CleanPay?

    How do coinless laundromats work?

    The same as every other tap ’n’ go system. Can you remember the last time you used cash? The majority of your customers
    are probably the same.

    When you can pay with a tap of your credit card, wave of a
    smartphone or even a watch, many consumers are opting for
    convenience over coins and notes. With e-CleanPay and a variety of
    other payment solutions, Richard Jay are specialists in fitting out
    laundromats with the latest technology to ensure a seamless
    customer experience.

    It’s becoming rarer for customers to carry cash around. There’s even
    forecasts Australia could be a virtually cashless society by 2022 on
    current trends. While the Reserve Bank of Australia doesn’t yet see
    a world without banknotes, cash payments dived from 69% in 2007
    to just 37% in 2016. The stats aren’t in yet on our post-COVID world,
    but it’s likely to be much less than that now.

    Meanwhile, there’s been rapid growth in electronic payments
    including contactless payments using your card, mobile phone or
    other devices. While we might not be carrying cash, we are carrying
    our mobile phones, with smartphone ownership in Australia hitting
    88% as of 2017.

    For laundromat owners, removing the cash barrier can only increase
    revenue and improve the laundry experience for your customers to
    keep them coming back. And new technologies are making it easier
    than ever to go cashless laundry systems. With Richard Jay’s e-CleanPay technology,
    you can accept instant mobile or card payments on any brand of
    laundry machine, old or new.

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      What are the advantages of having a cashless laundromat?

      This trend towards cashless payments coupled with the development of amazing new technologies has led the experts at
      Richard Jay to identify the six key reasons it’s time your laundromat went cashless.


        Richard Jay’s e-CleanPay technology means there’s finally an affordable solution for the average laundromat owner. The super simple e-CleanPay plan features low upfront costs, no lock-in contracts, transparent transaction fees and no hidden charges.


        Traditional coin-operated laundry machines means there’s cash on your premises and with that comes the risk of theft and vandalism. But by going cashless, you can reduce and even eliminate those security concerns.

      • 03. NO ACCOUNT SET-UP

        There’s nothing worse for a customer than having to fiddle around with registering a new account and entering all their confidential details just so they can pay for their wash. e-CleanPay for smartphones removes that time-consuming task because the set-up is straightforward and there’s no app to download. With just 3 easy steps (Select-Pay-Start), a new customer can pay for their wash the instant they walk in.

      • 04. CONVENIENCE

        By going cashless, your customers are using the payment methods they use everywhere else in their day to day lives. e-CleanPay for smartphones accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple, Samsung, Google or PayPal. While the e-CleanPay Kiosk is a simple, secure PayWave reader that allows you to credit any machine in your store. The Kiosk accepts Visa, Mastercard, G Pay, Apple Pay or card swipe and you can opt for tap’n’go too.


        A happy customer is a loyal customer. Tangerpay, the local behind e-CleanPay, received feedback from 3642 customers and 96.5% of responses were overwhelmingly positive! Cashless systems have also been shown to result in significant repeat business for laundromat owners. 25,000+ transactions were recorded a 30-day period and 85.9% were classified as repeat business.


        Going cashless brings many business benefits. The e-CleanPay system can be retro-fitted to your existing laundry machinery. And once you’re connected to the payment platform you’ll receive daily, weekly and monthly revenue reports, customer insights, real-time alerts and cash tracking. Remote-start functionality allows you to access machines from your smartphone so you can operate your business from anywhere in the world. There’s also automatic settlement of card payments to your nominated bank account in 24 to 48 hours.

      • 07. SCALE UP

        Collecting, counting and depositing coins (sometimes at a charge), is a huge barrier to opening multiple stores and truly profiting as “non attended”. Cashless allows an investor to open multiple sites and almost never visit them – you can even arrange for someone else to clean and empty the bins!

      How do laundry cards work?

      You don’t necessarily need one – not with today’s
      technology. At many of today’s laundromats, you
      can use your debit or credit card. Simple as that.

      Plus, it takes time and money for laundromat owners to
      produce these special cards or tokens, so there’s no
      reason to bother with them.

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      Do laundromats have change machines?

      Some laundromats offer change machines and others are happy to
      give you change at the counter if a staff member is present.

      You can make life easier for your customers and increase revenue by
      implementing a cashless payment system such as e-CleanPay
      cashless technology by Richard Jay. Powered by Tangerpay
      Australia, e-CleanPay has a super-fast transaction processing time
      via smartphone using Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal. There are
      no lock-in contracts, no account set-up and no need to register.

      How can I pay at a laundromat?

      The short answer is, any way you choose. Your commercial laundry
      can be made 100% cashless, coin-operated, token-operated or a
      mix of payment technology systems with solutions from Richard Jay.
      Whatever you choose, it can easily be fitted to all commercial
      machinery brands, including Maytag, LG and Electrolux models.

      These pay-per-use technology payment systems from Richard Jay
      are ideal for laundromats, universities, student housing, tourist
      parks, hostels, hotels or motels. Set-up is simple and there is no app
      to download.

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      How do you get coins for laundry?

      While some laundromats offer change machines, there’s really no need to hunt around for cash before your laundromat visit. Many outlets allow customers to simply tap their debit or credit card to pay. Easy.

      Are most laundromats cashless these days?

      More and more laundromats are switching to cashless payment
      systems, but many still offer a combination of cash and card. Going
      cash-free is easier than ever for laundromat owners with Richard
      Jay’s super-simple e-CleanPay plan. It includes a range of business
      benefits such as customer insights, real-time alerts, cash tracking,
      remote-start functionality, transparent transaction fees and no
      hidden charges.

      Your e-CleanPay system also includes a customised website with
      your branding and machine signage. We’ll connect your machines to
      the payment platform and you’ll receive daily, weekly and monthly
      revenue reports.

      Activate cashless payments across any mix of old and new
      machines from different manufacturers while offering a consistent
      customer experience from a single storefront.

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      What options do I have for payment at a laundromat?

      Choose from tap ’n’ go, smartphone or cash payment options for
      your washers and dryers. No one knows your customer base better
      than you do. Decide based on how your customers prefer to pay or
      have our laundry experts advise you.

      e-CleanPay for smartphone accepts Visa, Mastercard, American
      Express or PayPal. e-CleanPay tap ‘n’ go accepts Visa, Mastercard,
      G Pay, Apple Pay or card swipe and includes automatic settlement
      of card payments to your nominated bank account within 48 hours
      and automatic tax receipts for the user. The system accepts EMV
      international chip cards and provides access for your laundry staff
      if required.

      How does a cashless laundromat work?

      In light of COVID-19, most laundromats these days are switching to
      card-only or combination payment systems where you have the
      option to pay with card or cash.

      The super-simple e-CleanPay cashless payment system from
      Richard Jay is specially designed for laundromats. It includes a range
      of business benefits such as customer insights, real-time alerts, cash
      tracking, remote-start functionality, transparent transaction fees
      and no hidden charges.

      Richard Jay also provides Australian designed and manufactured
      currency vending machines and operating systems. Various models
      are available in sizes to suit all laundromats.

      e-CleanPay uses KIOSK – a simple, elegant PayWave reader that
      seamlessly guides your customer through the payment flow to credit
      any machine in store.

      credit card payment

      With KIOSK, there’s no need to install multiple PayWave
      readers. It’s a storewide solution that’s seamless and easy
      to use. Funds are settled directly to your bank account with
      no need to set up a merchant account.