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Perth Laundromat Chooses LG Washers & Electrolux Dryers for Best Value & Space-Saving

Located in the city of Perth, Western Australia, this laundromat is catching the eye and meeting the needs of locals looking for efficient and reliable laundry services. What makes it stand out? Excellent equipment from both LG and Electrolux Professional. 

Why LG & Electrolux?

LG Washers: These modern machines are not just visually appealing but also boast features perfect for laundromats:

  • Compact Footprint – They optimise space, ensuring the store looks spacious and inviting.
  • Soft Mounted Installation – Crucial for locations on suspended floors, providing stability and minimal vibrations.
  • Affordable Price Point: Provides great value, balancing between top-tier features and cost.

Electrolux Dryers: Synonymous with speed and energy efficiency:

  • Lightning-Fast Dry Times – Customers can complete their laundry drying in record time.
  • Incredible Energy Efficiency: Eco-friendly, ensuring the store operates with a minimal carbon footprint.

What Equipment was Installed? 

  • 06 x CWG27MSORS – LG Commercial Washers, 449G, 10KG
  • 02 x CWT29MSORS – LG Commercial Washers, 342G, 15KG
  • 04 x TD6-17S – Electrolux Industrial Dryers, Reversing Drums, 17KG

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