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Introducing a brand-new vend laundry in Canberra

Leveraging their existing business success, laundry owners in Canberra saw the potential for a modern vended laundry and partnered with Richard Jay for its installation.

The inclusion of an automatic detergent dispensing system by JayChem and cashless payment options from Tangerpay has yielded impressive results.

High traffic and glowing reviews from satisfied customers have prompted the owner to prepare for further expansion, with plans to open several more laundromats.

The installed machinery boasts a range of capacities to cater to various laundry needs:

  • 5 x WN6-9 Electrolux Industrial Washers (9KG)
  • 4 x WN6-14 Electrolux Industrial Washers (14KG)
  • 4 x WN6-20 Electrolux Industrial Washers (20KG)
  • 2 x WN6-28 Electrolux Industrial Washers (28KG)
  • 5 x TD6-17S Electrolux Industrial Dryers (17KG)
  • 3 x TD6-24S Electrolux Industrial Dryers (24KG)
  • 2 x TD6-37G Electrolux Industrial Dryers (37KG)