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Marketing your laundromat for maximum returns

Congratulations on the opening of your new laundromat! However, the journey has just begun.

While selecting the perfect location, equipment, and fit-out features are vital first steps, the path to turning your venture into a thriving business success now calls for strategic marketing. Here’s a few marketing initiatives that have proven to boost laundromats’ visibility and profitability.

  • Harness the Power of Google Business
    Listing your laundromat on Google is a simple and cost-effective way to connect with potential customers. It’s free and allows patrons to leave reviews, making it easier for people in your area to discover your business. Enhance your listing with pictures, contact details, and operating hours. Encourage new customers to leave reviews, as positive feedback can significantly boost your store’s reputation and digital visibility.
  • It’s Time to Get Social
    Social media platforms are ideal for engaging with your audience and showcasing your laundromat’s offerings. Regular posts, updates, and promotions can help create a loyal customer base. Share testimonials and online reviews to build trust and credibility.
  • Leverage Strategic Promotions
    Identify quieter days or times in your laundromat’s schedule and introduce promotions to drive traffic. For instance, consider “half-price Tuesdays” to entice new customers and compete effectively with older, lower-priced establishments.
  • Make the Most of Community Pin-Up Boards
    Local pin-up boards at your cafes, community centres and grocery stores can be a great tool for widening the reach of your promotions and letting locals know about your facility and special offers.

  • Print is Not Dead
    Create compelling flyers with a first time offer (they can even include a code to minimise admin time). Distribute these in your local area to attract new customers. Letterbox drops, while considered traditional, can still be highly effective in reaching specific demographics.
  • Advertise in Local Publications
    Consider placing advertisements in local newspapers or magazines. Offering a discount coupon for the opening month or a set period can capture readers’ attention and drive foot traffic to your laundromat.
  • Collaborate with Neighbouring Hospitality Businesses
    Collaborate with other businesses, like local bed-and-breakfast accommodations, to encourage their guests to use your laundromat during off-peak times. Offer special pricing or discounts to create a mutually beneficial partnership. Airbnbs can also be a great driver of business & if special rates are offered to owners off peak, then you are able to drive higher turns per day.
  • Create a Loyalty Program
    Develop a loyalty program that rewards regular customers with discounts or exclusive offers. This not only builds customer loyalty but also encourages repeat business.

By incorporating these marketing strategies and continuously engaging with your community, you can effectively promote your laundromat, attract a loyal customer base, and ultimately, increase your revenue.