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The Ascendancy of Cashless Payment in Vend Stores

In the pre-Covid era, cash reigned supreme in vend stores. The primary transaction method saw only a minority of machines equipped with both cash and cashless capabilities. 

Yet, in the wake of the pandemic, there’s been a palpable shift toward embracing fully cashless payment solutions. What catalysed this significant transformation in consumer behaviour?

QR Code Ubiquity

  • The pandemic compelled society to recognise the potential health risks associated with physical currency. As QR code scanning through mobile phones became the standard – driven both by necessity and safety concerns – there was a collective move towards cashless transactions.

Innovative Offerings

  • The demand for efficient cashless solutions spurred innovation among providers. Three frontrunners, Nayax, BubblePay, and Tangerpay (the latter two being Australian-born enterprises), emerged distinctively. Additionally, laundry dealers had to evolve, ensuring their technology was integrated seamlessly with their appliances, or risk losing their customer base.

Whether it’s the direct tap method provided by Nayax or the centralised kiosk payment systems from BubblePay or Tangerpay, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of top-tier solutions, underpinned by class-leading analytics. The objective? Ensuring you offer a service that not only delights your customers but guarantees their return.